Parish Council Contacts

If you want contact any of the Cornwood Parish Councillors, we have complied their contact details all in one place for your convenience below. Feel free to contact any one of us if you think we can be of any assistance.
PARISH CLERK - Maureen Haynes

Tel: 01752 878927

Email: Maureen Haynes

Cllr Terry Brown

Tel: 01752 837742

Email: Terry Brown

Cllr Rosemary Bonney

Tel: 01752 837494

Email: Rosemary Bonney

Cllr Michael Hawkes

Tel: 01752 837790

Email: Michael Hawkes

Cllr Jonathan Haynes

Tel: 01752 878927

Email: Jonathan Haynes


Cllr Mrs Pat den Hollander

Tel: 01752 837603

Cllr Barry Mundell

Tel: 01752 837603

Email: Barry Mundell

Cllr Charles Munford

Tel: 07990 527747

Email: Charles Munford

Cllr Tim Offer

Tel: 01752 878986

Email: Tim Offer

Cllr Dick Yarnold
Tel: 01752 837349 Email: Dick Yarnold